Class list for DUI

AQueue Asyncronous Queues, can be used to communicate between threads
AccelLabel AccelLabel
Adjustment Adjustments are used by the scroll bars, scales, scrolled windows.
AdjustmentListener Statusbar events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
Alignment Alignment
Arrow A widget that displays an arrow.
AspectFrame A frame that keeps the x, y aspect ratio
Bin A base widget
Bitmap Functions for rendering pixbufs on drawables.
Box A container that lays it's children in a row
Button A Button
ButtonBox A box of buttons in a row
ButtonClickedListener Simple button clicked interface.
Calendar A calendar widget to show and selected dates.
CalendarListener Declares the methods for a window listener
CellListener Declares the methods for a cell listener
CellRenderer Cell renderer.
CellRendererPixbuf A pixbuf cell renderer
CellRendererText A text cell renderer
CellRendererToggle A Toggle Cell renderer
CheckButton A Check Button
CheckMenuItem Check menu item
CheckMenuItemListener CheckMenuItem events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
Color Color
ColorSelectionDialog A standard color selection dialog
ColorSelectionListener Color selection events \todo add listeners in dispatcher
Combo A combo box.
ComboBox A combo box.
ComboBoxText A combo box.
ComboBoxTextEntry A text entry field with a dropdown list
Container Base class for widgets which contain other widgets.
ContainerListener Container events \todo these container events
Cursor Color
DUI Provides the main GTK cycle.
DUIObject The wrapper for GtkObject
DUIObjectListener DUIObject events \todo check if this is suppose to be the same as in WidgetListener \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
Dialog Dialog is a window that can be modal and contains a default vbox.
Display Display \todo GdkDevice * gdk_display_get_core_pointer ((GdkDisplay*)obj()); \todo void gdk_display_get_pointer ((GdkDisplay*)obj(), GdkScreen * *screen, gint * x, gint * y, GdkModifierType * mask); \todo GdkWindow * gdk_display_get_window_at_pointer ((GdkDisplay*)obj(), gint * win_x, gint * win_y); \todo GdkDisplayPointerHooks * gdk_display_set_pointer_hooks ((GdkDisplay*)obj(), GdkDisplayPointerHooks * new_hooks); / \todo GdkDisplay * gdk_display_open_default_libgtk_only ();
Drawable Drawable
DrawingArea A empty widget used to draw poins, lines, shapes and pictures.
Editable The interface class for editable widgets.
EditableChangedListener Declares the methods for a editable changed listener
Entry A single line text entry widget
EntryActivateListener Listen to the enter key
EntryAdapter Provides default noop actions for all the entry callbacks
EntryChangeListener Listen to changes to an entry
EntryInsertAdapter Provides default noop action for the entry insert listener callbacks
EntryInsertListener Declares the methods for a entry listener
EntryListener Listen to all event of an entry
ErrorG GLib provides a standard method of reporting errors from a called function to the calling code.
EventHandler0 connects a signal to an GObject
EventHandlerAfterR /* This is a hack, DrawingArea seems to swap event and Data on the callback ???
FileSelection A standard file selector dialog
Fixed A container that lays out it children on a fixed postion
FontSelection A widget for selecting fonts.
Frame A Visual border
GC The Graphics context representation
HBox A Horizontal box to display it's children in a horizontal row
HButtonBox A container for a horizontal row of buttons
HPaned A widget with resizable left and rigth children
HScale A Horizontal scale
HScrollbar A horizontal scrollbar
HSeparator A horizontal separator
HandleBox A Box with a handle to be draged.
HandleBoxListener HandleBox events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
IOChannel The GIOChannel data type aims to provide a portable method for using file descriptors, pipes, and sockets, and integrating them into the main event loop.
IdleListener Idle events
Image A widget to load, contain and display an image.
InputDialog Input dialog.
InputStringDialog A window enter the line number to go to .
ItemListener Item events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
Label A widget to display a text Label
Layout A container to layout widgets on view larger then the visible area.
List This is a list of widget that can be displayed.
ListG A double linked list.
ListItem This is an item that can be part of a list.
ListStore The model to display a TreeView as a list The GtkListStore object is a list model for use with a GtkTreeView widget.
MainWindow A top Level window that will stop the main event cycle when it's closed.
Menu A menu
MenuBar Menu bar : a menu of menus in a bar
MenuItem A menu item
MenuItemListener MenuItem events
MenuShell Menu Shell is the menu container ??? /* void _gtk_menu_shell_select_last(gtkW(),gboolean search_sensitive); void _gtk_menu_shell_activate(gtkW()); gint _gtk_menu_shell_get_popup_delay(gtkW());
MenuShellListener Menu shell events \todo add listeners in dispatcher
MessageDialog A dialog to display a message only.
Misc Base for many widgets to provide alignment and padding for all it's children
Notebook A container where the children share the same display space.
OGTK Any GTK Object
ObjectG Base class for DUIObject.
OptionMenu A menu item???
PopupBox A factory for common message dialogs.
Preview Preview - deprecated \deprecated
ProgressBar A visual representation a the progress for a task Creates a progress bar from a GtkWidget
RadioButton A button with two states (plus a third one) that can be mutualy exclusive with other buttons of the same type.
RadioMenuItem A menu item with two states (plus a third one) that can be mutualy exclusive with other items of the same type.
Range Range
SListG A single linked list.
Scale A interactive visual representation of a value inside a range.
Screen The representation of the screen
Scrollbar A interactive visual representation of a value and size inside a range.
ScrolledWindow A container to display a widget larger then the available display space.
SelectionListener MenuItem events
Separator A base class for horizontal and vertical separatores
SpinButton A visual selector for sequencial numeric values within a range.
Statusbar Status bar.
StatusbarListener Statusbar events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
StringG A GString is similar to a standard C string, except that it grows automatically as text is appended or inserted.
Table A container that will arrange it's children in a rectangular grid.
TextBuffer A text buffer to be display and altered in a text view
TextTag A tag that can be applied to text in a TextBuffer \todo a smart way to set and get properties
TextView A container that knows how to display a TextBuffer.
TimeoutListener Idle events
TimerG TimerG records a start time, and counts microseconds elapsed since that time.
ToggleButton A Toggle Button
ToggleButtonListener HandleBox events \todo add the addListeners to dispatcher
Toolbar A container for a set of frequently used tools.
ToolbarListener Toolbar events \todo add listeners in dispatcher
Tooltips A text associated width a widget to display when the pointer stays on the widget for a period ot time.
Tree A container that display a tree.
TreeItem A item to display on a Tree Widget (not TreeView).
TreeIter A representation of a tree or list row.
TreeIterError A TreeIter error.
TreeModel A tree a list model \todo how to instanciate a concrete class from a GtkTreeModel? probably by checking the getType value
TreeModelListener Declares the methods for a tree model listener \todo add these to the dispatcher
TreeNode TreeNode interface
TreeSelection A representation of a tree selection
TreeStore A tree model that represents a tree structure.
TreeViewColumn The columns on the trees and tables.
TreeViewListener Declares the methods for a tree view listener \todo type in the remaining callback functions
VBox A container to display widgets vertically
VButtonBox A box to display buttons vertically
VPaned A container to display two children
VScale A vertical widget to show and allow to change a value inside a range
VScrollbar A vertical scrollbar
VSeparator A vertical separator
Value The Value is basically a variable container that consists of a type identifier and a specific value of that type.
Viewport A container for a widget large then the available display size.
Widget Widget introduces style properties - these are basically object properties that are stored not on the object, but in the style object associated to the widget.
Window A top Level window
WindowConfigurationListener Declares other window events \todo add addListener to Dispatcher
WindowGroup Window group
WindowListener Declares the methods for a window listener